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How are we different?

With Bio-Solver you would not have to apply for jobs. We will screen your selected skills and assign points for each and add that to our database. We will use a skill-match algorithm to connect you with remote freelancing projects.

Who can be a Solver?

Anyone, anywhere who is a Biotech/Pharma expert/student who can help others solve their problems through remote freelance work.

How to be a Solver?

Apply to us online to be a Solver.

Fill in the application form and upload all necessary documents.

Choose the job types that you are interested in.

Choose your field and skills.

Set your own hourly rate.

Participate in our screening process which may include technical assessments, interviews, or demo projects.

Once your screening is done you will be provided with scores for each skill set.

Once a posted project matches your skill set, we would notify you to apply for it.

If you like the project, you can apply with a single click.

If you are selected for the project, you can begin work on a remote basis.

What is our commission?

We charge you commission each time you finish a project, our base commission rate starts at 20% and goes down as your earning goes higher monthly.

What services do we offer?
Management Consultation
Technical Consultation
Manufacturing Consultation
Project Management
Sub-contractor Management
Clinical Trial Coordination
Regulatory Approvals
IP and Patent Filing
Technical Writing
Data Validation
SOP Preparation
Experimental Troubleshooting
Experimental Data Analysis
Bioinformatic Analysis
Bio-Statistical Analysis
Scientific Writing and Editing
Literature Review
Illustration and Animation
Business Development
Content Creation
Biotech Marketing
Biotech Sales
Accounting and Purchase
HR and Admin
What fields do we specialize in?
Biotechnology & Molecular Biology
PCR and Cloning
DNA/RNA extraction
Protein Isolation & Purification
Cell culture techniques
Understanding of molecular mechanisms
Microbiology & Virology
Cell Culture Techniques
Understanding of Microorganism Life Cycles
Molecular Techniques Related to Microbiology
Microbial Genomics
Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing
Biochemistry & Chromatography
Understanding of Biochemical Mechanisms
Chromatography Techniques
Mass Spectrometry
Metabolic Pathway Analysis
Protein-Ligand Interactions
Protein Biochemistry & Enzymology
Recombinant Protein Expression
Protein Purification
Western Blotting
Enzyme Kinetics
Protein-Protein Interactions
Cancer Biology & Immunology
Tumor Biology
Flow Cytometry
Understanding of cancer genomics
Cell Signaling Pathways
Genetics & Genetic Engineering
Understanding of Genetics
Genetic Screening
CRISPR Technique
Transgenic Organism Creation
Genomics, Proteomics & Metabolomics
Next-Generation Sequencing
Mass Spectrometry
Metabolomics Data Analysis
Understanding of Genomic Databases
Proteomics Techniques
Computational Biology & Bioinformatics
Computational Modeling
Genomics Data Analysis
Programming (Python/R)
Machine Learning Techniques
Database Management
Biostatistics & Data Science
Statistical Modelling
Data Visualization
Predictive Modelling
Proficiency in Statistical Tools
Hypothesis Testing
Pharmacology & Toxicology
Drug Design & Synthesis
Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics
In vivo & In vitro testing
Molecular docking
Bioavailability and bioequivalence studies
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Industrial Pharmacy
Knowledge of GMP
Pharmaceutical Formulation
Process Optimization
Process Validation
CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Action)
Bioprocess Engineering & Bioproduction
Bioreactor Operation
Downstream Processing
Fermentation Techniques
Scale-Up Processes
Understanding of GMP
Drug Discovery & Development
Understanding of Drug Design Processes
High Throughput Screening
Lead Optimization
In vivo and In vitro Testing
Knowledge of Regulatory Requirements
Clinical Research & Clinical Trials Coordination
Clinical Trial Design
Patient Recruitment
Data collection & Analysis
Adverse Event Monitoring
GCP Compliance
Bio-Medical Technology & Biomedical Engineering
Medical Device Design
Biomedical Imaging
Biocompatibility Assessments
Understanding of Medical Software Development
Medical Robotics
Environmental Biotechnology & Bioremediation
Understanding of Environmental Systems
Bioremediation Techniques
Environmental Monitoring
Environmental Genomics
Personalized Medicine & Genomic Data Analysis
Understanding of Genomics
Genomic Data Analysis
Personalized Therapy Strategies
Medical Genetics
Medical Devices & Instrumentation
Medical Device Design
Regulatory Requirements for Medical Devices
Testing and Validation
Understanding of Medical Imaging Technologies
Regulatory Affairs & Compliance in Pharma
Understanding of FDA/EMA Regulations
Drug Approval Process
Regulatory Submissions
Post-Marketing Surveillance
Compliance Reporting
Patent Law & Intellectual Property in Biotech
Understanding of Patent Law
Patent Application
Technology Transfer
Legal Writing
Confidentiality Agreements
Business Development & Sales in Biotech
Market Analysis
Client Relationship Management
Business Strategy Development
Negotiation Skills
Understanding of Biotech Industry
Marketing & Advertising in Pharma
Market Research
Digital Marketing
Product Marketing
Understanding of Pharma Industry
Bioentrepreneurship & Biotech Project Management
Business Plan Development
Financial Planning
Project Management
Risk Assessment
Understanding of Biotech Start-up Ecosystem
Bioventure & Bioeconomy
Financial Analysis
Market Analysis
Understanding of Biotech/Pharma Industry
Project Management
Business Development Strategies